Tablets And Triturates. The tablet form of medication, owing to its convenience and accuracy, has taken a more or less permanent hold upon the profession. Within proper limitations they are to be commended as suitable for the administration of many chemicals, powdered drugs, resins, extracts, and some of the alkaloids; but to attempt to cover the entire therapeutic range or to incorporate some of the delicate plant products with tablets is neither good pharmacy nor good therapeutics. In general, the attempt to administer organic drugs for their indications in small doses in tablet form has yielded results inferior to that obtained with liquids. Tablet triturates are usually preferable to compressed tablets of usual make. All schools of medicine make their tablet triturates in essentially the same manner, but the homeopaths continue the trituration for a much longer time in order to "potentize" the drug. While the theory must be accepted with an exceedingly large measure of reserve, the practice of long trituration is to be commended. Their IX trituration tablets of mercurius dulcis is to be preferred to our usually made 1-10 gr. tablet triturate of calomel. It is identically the same dose of the same drug, but the long-continued trituration makes it act more efficiently than do our tablets. This same applies to several other but slightly soluble or insoluble drugs.