Spiritus Aetheris Nitrosi.—Spirit Of Nitrous Ether, U. S. P., Sweet Spirits Of Niter.

A solution of not less than 4 per cent. of ethyl nitrite, C2H5N02, in alcohol.

Properties : A pale yellowish liquid having a fragrant ethereal and pungent odor and a sharp burning taste. It is miscible with alcohol or water. It rapidly deteriorates.

Incompatibilities: It is incompatible with acetanilid, antipyrin, potassium iodid and sodium salicylate.

Action and Uses: Spirit of nitrons ether is popularly used as a weak diuretic and diaphoretic. Its efficiency is doubtful. It is frequently prescribed in mixtures with other diaphoretics, notably the solution of ammonium acetate.

Dosage: 2 c.c. or 30 minims or half a teaspoonful.