A gum resin obtained from the roots of Ferula foetida and probably other species of Ferula.

Properties : A good quality of asafetida should contain not less than 50 per cent, of matter soluble in alcohol and should yield not more than 10 per cent, of ash. The gum of asafetida is freely soluble in cold or hot water and is present in sufficient amount to suspend in the form of a permanent emulsion the accompanying resin and volatile oil.

Action and Uses: Asafetida is used in the treatment of hysteria, acting probably by its odor. It is also carminative.

dosage: 0.25 gm. or 4 grains—Preferably in pill form. In tympanites an emulsion may be used as an enema. The emulsion is made by triturating 4 gm. of a good quality of the drug with 100 c.c. of water until a uniform emulsion results. The strength may be varied to meet individual requirements.