Bleaching powder, often improperly called chlorid of lime, is a variable compound resulting from the action of chlorin on calcium hydroxid. It should contain not less than 30 per cent, of available chlorin, that is, chlorin which is set free by the action of an acid.

Properties : Chlorinated lime occurs as a white or grayish-white granular powder, having a chlorin-like odor, and a repulsive saline taste. It is only partially soluble in water or alcohol.

Action and Uses: Chlorinated lime is a disinfectant of about equal value with lime and is used in the same way

A 5 per cent, solution is a convenient strength for ordinary use. It is being used quite extensively as the source of chlorin for treating contaminated drinking-waters. A fresh solution of about 0.5 per cent, strength should be added to the water to be treated, in the proportion of about 250 gallons per million gallons of water.