The dried flowering tops of the pistillate plants of Cannabis sativa, grown in the East Indies and gathered while the fruits are yet undeveloped, and carrying the whole of their natural resin. Much, if not all, of the available drug fails to comply with the official requirements.

Action and Uses: Cannabis Indica is a narcotic poison which stimulates the psychic functions and produces delirium of a pleasant character and a rapid succession of ideas which cause the time to seem very long. From this condition the patient passes into melancholy and then into a deep sleep. An aphrodisiac effect is reported in some cases. In many cases the primary stimulating stage is quite short and often absent. On account of the sleep resulting from this drug, it has been recommended as a hypnotic, but in general the use of cannabis indica as a hypnotic is not advisable. While it has not been known to produce fatal results, the effect on dogs indicates that it is not entirely safe, and the possibility of formation of a habit should be borne in mind.

Dosage: The preparations are best given by themselves, the extract in the form of pills and the tincture diluted or mixed with water at the time of administration.

Extractum Cannabis Indicae.—Extract Of Indian Cannabis, U. S. P.

Dosage: 0.01 gm. or 1/5 grain.

Tinctura Cannabis Indicae.—Tincture Of Indian Cannabis, U. S. P.

One hundred c.c. represent 10 gm. Indian cannabis in alcohol.

Dosage: 0.5 c.c. or about 8 minims.