An alkaloid obtained from opium or prepared from morphin by methylation.

Properties : Codein occurs as white, nearly translucent crystals or a crystalline powder, odorless and having a faintly bitter taste. Codein is soluble in water (1:88), and freely soluble in alcohol 1:12.

Action and Uses: Codein is analgesic, hypnotic and sedative. During recent years it has come to be used widely in place of morphin, particularly as a sedative. As an analgesic it is of value chiefly against abdominal and pelvic pain; it is largely used for cough. Codein is recommended by some authorities in place of opium in the treatment of diabetes.

Dosage: 0.03 gm. or grain.

Codeinae Phosphas.—Codeine Phosphate. U. S. P.

A salt that is freely soluble in water (1:2.25) and only slightly soluble in alcohol (1:261). It is preferred for hypodermic use.

Dosage: 0.03 gm. or grain.

Codeinae Sulphas.—Codeine Sulphate, U. S. P.

Soluble in water (1:30) and very slightly soluble in alcohol (1:1,035).

Dosage: 0.03 Gm. Or Grain