A solution of the soluble constituents of hydrastis in a mixture of glycerin, alcohol and water. One hundred c.c. should contain 2 gm. of hydrastin.

Hydrastis contains also berberine, an alkaloid having the properties of a simple bitter.

Hydrastinin is an artificial alkaloid derived from hydrastin. It has marked, influence in raising blood-pressure and a stimulating influence on the uterus much greater than hydrastin, from which it is derived. It is chiefly employed to check uterine hemorrhage.

Dosage: The dose of fluidextract of hydrastis is 2 c.c. or 30 minims ; hydrastin can be given in doses of 0.01 gm. or 1/5 grain. Hydrastinin hydrochlorid is given in doses of 0.03 gm. or grain.