The dried, ripe seed of Strychnos Nux-vomica, containing, when assayed by the process given in the U. S. P., not less than 1.25 per cent, of strychnin.

Action and Uses: The pharmacologic action of, nux vomica is essentially the same as that of the strychnin which it contains. The preparations of nux vomica are used as stomachic tonics, and occasionally as respiratory and nerve stimulants. For the latter purpose the salts of strychnin are generally preferred. (See Strychnin Sulphate.)

Extractum Nucis Vomicae.—Extract Of Nux Vomica, U. S. P.

An acetic acid extract of nux vomica purified by precipitating with alcohol and containing, when assayed by the process given in the U. S. P., 5 per cent, of strychnin.

Dosage: 0.015 gm. or grain, preferably given in the form of pills; 0.020 gm. or 1/3 grain contains 0.001 gm. or 1/60 grain of strychnin.

Tinctura Nucis Vomicae.—Tincture Of Nux Vomica, U. S. P.

A solution of extract of nux vomica in a mixture of alcohol and water; it should assay 0.1 gm. of strychnin in 100 c.c.

Dosage: 0.6 c.c. or 10 minims.

When the tincture is used as an appetizer, its effect depends largely on the psychic stimulation produced by the bitter taste, and the dose may vary from 0.05 c.c. to 0.6 cc. or from 1 to 10 minims. If it is desired to obtain the effect of strychnin, it is to be remembered that 0.6 c.c. or 10 minims contain approximately 0.6 mg. or 1/100 grain of strychnin.