A volatile oil distilled from cloves consisting largely (80 per cent.) of eugenol.

Properties : Oil of cloves occurs as a colorless or pale yellow, thin liquid, becoming darker and thicker by age. Oil of cloves is freely soluble in alcohol, but nearly insoluble in water.

Action and Uses : Oil of cloves is antiseptic and aromatic. It is frequently used as a carminative and externally as counterirritant. In dental practice it has long been used as an anodyne.

Dosage : 0.2 c.c. or 3 minims on granulated sugar or in some emulsion, on shaved ice or in capsules. To relievo toothache it should be dropped on a small piece of cotton and inserted into the cavity in the tooth, if one is present. For external use it is usually diluted with 2 or 3 parts of fatty oil.