The concrete, milky exudation obtained by incising the unripe capsules of Papaver somniferum.

Action and Uses: The action of opium closely resembles that of morphin. It, however, is absorbed more slowly and is more constipating and hence is preferred in the treatment of the gastro-intestinal tract, especially for the purpose of checking diarrhea.

Opii Pulvis.—Powdered Opium, U. S. P.

Yielding, when assayed by the official process, not less than 12.5 per cent, of crystallized morphin.

Dosage: 0.065 gm. or 1 grain, containing about 0.008 gm. or about 1/8 grain of morphin. Suppositories of opium have no advantage on account of local action.

Extractum Opii.—Extract Of Opium, U. S. P.

Yielding, when assayed by the official process, 20 per cent, of crystallized morphin.                   

Dosage: 0.03 gm. or grain.

Tinctura Opii.—Tincture Of Opium, Laudanum, U. S. P.

A solution of the soluble constituents of opium in diluted alcohol. One hundred c.c. contain not less than 1.2 and not more than 1.25 gm. crystallizable morphin.

Dosage: 0.5 c.c. or 8 minims.

Tinctura Opii Deodorati.—Tincture Of Deodorized Opium, U. S. P.

Essentially a tincture of opium that has been deodorized by means of purified petroleum benzin.

Dosage: 0.5 c.c. or 8 minims.

Tinctura Opii Camphorata.—Camphorated Tincture Of Opium. Paregoric, U. S. P.

Each 100 c.c. represent powdered opium (0.4 gm.), benzoic acid (0.4 gm.), camphor (0.4 gm.), oil of anise (0.4 c.c), glycerol (4 c.c), in diluted alcohol (to make 100 c.c).

Dosage: 8 c.c. or 2 fluidrams, containing 0.004 gm. or 1/15 grain of morphin.

Pulvis Ipecacuanhae Et Opii.—Powder Of Ipecac And Opium, U. S. P., Dover's Powder.

A mixture of ipecac (10 gm.), powdered opium (10 gm.) and sugar of milk (80 gm.).

Action and Uses: Dover's Powder is used chiefly for its diaphoretic effect.

Dosage: 0.5 gm. or 7 grains, containing 0.006 gm. or 1/10 grain of morphin.