A mixture of the tannates of alkaloids obtained from Punica Granatum.

Properties : Pelletierin tannate occurs as a light yellow, odorless, amorphous powder, having an astringent taste and a weak acid reaction. It is only slightly soluble in water (1 :235), but soluble in alcohol (1:12.6).

Action and Uses: Pelletierin tannate is used as an anthelmintic and teniafuge, especially in cases of cestode infection.

Dosage: 0.25 gm. or 4 grains. Preferably administered in the form of capsules. The alimentary canal should be emptied as completely as practicable by a mild purge (castor oil or a saline), a light diet on the previous day and fasting on the morning on which the anthelmintic is given. This remedy should be followed in two hours by a purge (castor oil). Not more than 0.3 gm. or 5 grains of pelletierin tannate should be given, as this amount has produced paralysis.