Properties : Sodium hydroxid should contain not less than 95 per cent, of NaOH and not more than 2 per cent, of other inorganic substances, with the exception of water. It occurs as dry, white or nearly white flakes, fused masses or translucent or opaque white pencils, odorless, and having a caustic taste. Great caution is necessary in tasting and handling it, as it rapidly destroys organic tissue. It is very soluble in water (1 :1) and in alcohol.

Action and Uses : Sodium hydroxid has properties closely-resembling those of potassium hydroxid. It is used chiefly for pharmaceutical purposes, though occasionally it is used locally as a caustic or in dilute solution as an alkaline wash. Solution of sodium hydroxid largely diluted has also been administered internally.

Liquor Sodii Hydroxidi.—Solution Of Sodium Hydroxide. U. S. P.

An aqueous solution containing about 5 per cent, of sodium hydroxid, NaOH.

Dosage: 1 c.c. or 15 minims.