Almond, Amygdala Amara (bitter almond), A. dulcis,U.S.P. (sweet almond). Bitter Almond Water, used in sedative expectorant mixtures in one-drachm doses, and Sp. Amygdalae Ama-Rae, used as a flavor in small quantities and in 5- to 10-minim doses when minute doses of hydrocyanic acid are desired. Amygdalus Persica, the leaves, bark of twigs, and kernels of the peach tree. A fl., in drop doses, used as a sedative in gastric irritability. Laurocerasus, or cherry-laurel water, 3- to 20-minim doses, on cracked ice, is another hydrocyanic acid-bearing gastric sedative of especially pleasing flavor.

Oleum Amygdalae Expressum (U. S. P.) is the fixed oil expressed from bitter or sweet almond. It is a bland and nutrient oil used in many pharmaceutical directions.