Cucurbita pepo, the ordinary pumpkin, is official in the Spanish Pharmacopeia; Pumpkin Seed, Pepo, is an official drug in Great Britain, France, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. The seed is given in 1-ounce doses of the pulp to expel tapeworms. Sometimes this remedy is effective - not often - but it has the advantage of not being toxic to man. An emulsion of the ground seed is employed. The resin is used in 15-grain doses. The expressed oil in 4-fluidrachm doses repeated two or three times and followed by a cathartic, is, in the opinion of many, the better form in which to use the drug.

Watermelon Seed, Curcurbita citrullus, used in infusion, is markedly diuretic. It is non-irritating and is quite effective if made from fresh seed. A fluidextract is given in 1-fluidrachm doses.