Hops, the strobiles of Humulus lupulus. Official in France, Mexico, Spain, and the U. S.

Contains a volatile oil, valerol, and a bitter principle. Valerol is mildly and irregularly soporific. The unimportant acid constituent has littje effect when given by mouth.


A tonic in dyspepia and irritable-stomach. Lupulin, the oleoresin, is somewhat narcotic and is a mild sexual sedative, used in hysterical and irritative sexual reflexes. Spermatorrhea, priapism, and chordee are more or less amenable to relief by lupulin, but it is seldom that the drug has a satisfactory influence without local attention also.

The fl. humulus is given in doses of 5 to 10 minims; the fl. lupulin in 3 to 8 minims, and lupulin itself in doses of 3 to 8 grains. Various malt tonics are effective partly from the hops therein.