Pterocarpus marsupium. Official in the U. S. P. The action is the same as that of "Gambir," q. v. Also see "Tannic Acid." Kino is active on account of kino-tannic acid. Kino seems to be especially adapted as an astringent gargle. Kino is going out of use, being official in but four countries, including the U. S. The average dose is 8 grains, the tr. 1 fluidrachm. The tincture gelatinizes readily, and its strength has been reduced (by some makers, but not officially) to 5% in an effort to obviate this. The "Compound Kino Powder" N. F. (Kino, cinnamon, and opium) is an available preparation, given in an average dose of 15 grains.

Pterocarpus Santalinus, Red Saunders, is official in several countries as a coloring agent of no therapeutic influence.

Kola Kola Nut, Cola, Cola acuminata, or Sterculia acuminata. Not official in the U. S., but is recognized in eight other countries. In some standards known as C. vera. Active on account of its content of caffeine and theobromine. See "Caffeine." Kola is merely one of the caffeine-bearers, and what is said under caffeine covers kola. Dose, 15 grains, as a mild caffeine-tonic and stomachic. Kola is an over-rated drug. The N. F. gives the dose as 1 drachm, which seems to me to be excessive.