Ginger, Zingiber officinalis. Almost universally official. The oleoresin (dose, 1/2 grain) is the active agent.

A pleasant carminative, and a stimulant to the digestive system. Used to expel flatus, and in cramps and colic. For this purpose the tr. is given in 10- to 60-minim doses, or the fl. in 15-minim doses.

The oleoresin is used in purgative pill formulae to prevent griping. The syrup is a valuable flavoring agent.

Ginger-flavored carbonated water, ginger ale, is much used to carry disagreeable medicines and in which to administer raw eggs in the forced-diet treatment of tuberculosis. Preserved or crystallized ginger is a good carminative and removes the nausea and disagreeable taste following the ingestion of ill-flavored drugs.