Nat. ord., Leguminosae.

Calabar Bean.

Characters. - About the size of a very large horse-bean, with a very firm, hard, brittle, shining integument of a brownish-red, pale chocolate, or ash-grey colour. Irregularly kidney-shaped, with two flat sides, and a furrow running longitudinally along its convex margin, ending in an aperture near one end of the seed. Within the shell is a kernel consisting of 2 cotyledons, weighing on an average about 46 grains, hard, white, and pul-verizable, of a taste like that of the ordinary edible leguminous seeds, without bitterness, acrimony, or aromatic flavour. It yields its virtues to alcohol, and imperfectly to water.

This drag has been much under notice of late, and a proving is now published in Hale's New Remedies.

Part employed. - The seeds.

Preparation. - Tincture (rectified spirit).