Present name. - Tri-nitro-phenylic Acid. C6H3(No2)3O.

Acidum Picricum.

Picric Acid, Carbazotic Acid. Nitro-picric Acid.

This Acid is obtained by the action of Nitric Acid on Phenylic or Carbolic Acid, indigo, salicine, silk, and other substances. It may also be obtained from coal tar, creasote, or from Australian gum.

Characters. - Pale yellow shining scales, soluble in water, in alcohol, and in ether; it imparts a yellow colour to the solution, and a very bitter taste.

It is largely used in dyeing, producing a yellow colour, or, in connection with indigo or Prussian blue, green. Its salts crystallize readily, and explode violently at an elevated temperature or from a blow. Our chemists will, therefore, do well to avoid dealing with such dangerous compounds by trituration.

A notice will be found in Hale's New Remedies, in the volume containing special therapeutics.

Preparation. - Solution in distilled water.