Bupthalmum Majus; Leucanthemum vulgare; Consolida media; Oculus bovis. Bellis sylvestris caule folioso major C. B. Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum Linn. Greater or oxeye daisy; a plant with oblong narrow deeply indented leaves, joined close to the slalks, which are pentagonal, hairy, branched, and bear on the tops pretty large solitary flowers composed of white petala set round a yellow disk. It is perennial, grows wild in corn fields and dry pasture grounds, and flowers in May and June.

The leaves of this plant have been recommended in disorders of the breast, both asthma-tical and phthisical, and as diuretics. Geoffroy relates, that the herb, gathered before the flowers have come forth, and boiled in water, imparts an acrid taste, penetrating and subtile like pepper; and that this decoction is an excellent diuretic and vulnerary. Either this experiment was made, not with the bellis major, but with the bellis minor; or else the herb loses its pungency when the flowers appear: the bellis minor is manifestly acrid, but in the major, when in flower, no acrimony could be observed: the leaves, whilst fresh, seemed little other than herbaceous; when dried, they discovered to the palate a not ungrateful mucilaginous sweetness.