Lampsana, Lapsana, Napium, Papillaris herba. Soncho affinis lampsana domestica C. B. Lapsana communis Linn. Dock cresses, Nipplewort: a roughish plant; bearing small yellow slosculous flowers, set in form of an umbel on the top of the stalk, followed by little crooked naked seeds: the lower leaves are deeply cut, towards the pedicle, into generally two or four opposite sections; the upper are oblong, narrow, undivided, and have no pedicles. It is annual, grows wild by road sides, and flowers greatest part of the summer.

This is one of the bitter lactescent plants, nearly similar in virtue to dandelion, endive, cichory, and the others of that class. It has been employed chiefly for external purposes, against wounds and ulcerations, particularly of the nipples, whence its names nipplewort and papillaris.