Pilosella, Myofotis, feu Auricula muris. Pharm. Paris Pilofella major repens hirfuta C. B. Hieracium Pilosella Linn. Mouse-ear: a low creeping hairy plant; with oval leaves, in shape like those of the daisy, joined to the stalks without pedicles, green above and white underneath: the flowers, which stand solitary on upright naked stalks, are composed of a number of yellow flofcules, set in scaly cups, and followed by small black seeds, winged with down. It is perennial, grows wild in dry pasture grounds, and flowers in June and July.

Pilosella is one of the bitterish lactescent plants. Its leaves differ from those of dandelion, cichory, and the other herbs of that class, in being much less juicy, less bitter, accompanied with some astringency which seems to prevand above the bitter, and a slight sweetishness very durable in the mouth: in the extracts made from them, both by water and spirit, the astringency is more manifestly the prevailing principle, though even when thus concentrated it is not very strong. The roots are considerably bitterer than the leaves, and less, if at all, astringent.