Pulmonaria Maculosa. Symphytum maculosum five pulmonaria latifolia C. B. Pul-monaria officinalis Linn. Spotted lungwort, Jerusalem cowslips, Jerusalem sage: a hairy scabrous plant, with the leaves of a dark brownish green colour on the upper side and spotted for the most part with white, underneath of a paler green, the lower oval and set on broad pedicles, those on the stalks narrower, long-pointed, set alternately, without pedicles: the flowers are monopetalous, cut into five sec-tions, of a purple or blue colour, and sometimes white, followed each by four seeds inclosed in the cup. It is perennial, grows wild in several parts of Europe, and flowers in our gardens in April and May.

The leaves of pulmonaria, recommended in hemoptoes, tickling coughs, asperities of the fauces, etc. appear to be of little medicinal virtue.

01. pulegii effent. Ph. Lond.

Aq. pulegii Ph. Lond. & Ed.

Spirit. pu-legii Ph. Lond.‡ tue. The dried leaves have hardly any smell; and their taste is just perceptibly mucilaginous, sweetish, and roughish. They seem to be nearly of the same nature with the adianthum and trichomanes.