Trichomanes Pharm. Edinb. Polytrichum five trichomanes C. B. Callitrichum. Asplenium Trichomanes Linn. English maidenhair: a small plant, without stalks: the leaves are long, narrow, composed of little roundish dark-green segments set in pairs along a shining black rib: the seeds are a fine dust lying on the backs of the leaves. It is perennial, and grows wild on shady grounds and old walls.

This herb has a mucilaginous somewhat sweetish and roughish taste, and little or no particular flavour. It is accounted serviceable in disorders of the bread, particularly in tickling coughs and hoarseness from thin acrid defluxions, and in these intentions has been long substituted among us to the adiantbum, from which it appears to be very little, if at all, different in quality. It is usually directed in insusion or decoction, with the addition of a little liquorice: a pectoral syrup is prepared in the shops, from an infusion of five ounces of the dry leaves and four of liquorice root in five pints of boiling water.