Turkish Baths

These can only be given in establishments especially provided for that purpose.

Sweat Cabinet

This is a portable apparatus designed for domestic use and intended to take the place of the Turkish bath. It fails in its purpose, however, as no small part of the benefit derived from the Turkish bath is from the massage, carefully regulated cooling, and long rest insisted upon in the institutions.

Body Hot-Air Treatment

This necessitates special apparatus the size of which confines it to sanatoria. Its use requires considerable skill both in maintaining a proper temperature and avoiding undesirable physiologic effects.

Properly conducted, the entire body is exposed to a temperature of from 350° F. to 400° F. for about a half hour.

The treatment increases elimination and relieves internal congestion.

Local Hot-Air Treatment

This also requires special ap paratus, some of which are portable. They consist essentially of a specially shaped oven, into or through which the part to be treated is placed, and a series of Bunson burners for heating the oven to the required temperature.

The part to be treated is first wrapped in several layers of Turkish toweling (care being taken that it is closely approximated to the skin, otherwise a burn will result), and then supported inside the oven by straps so arranged that no contact with the oven can take place. The openings to the oven are next closed with heavy curtains provided for that purpose and the heat is started. A temperature of from 350° F. to 400° F. should be kept up for a half hour or more. Even these local treatments should not be given by an unskilled person, as dangerous burns are likely to occur. This treatment should not be continued over too long a period.