Abrasion of the Teeth is indicated by a loss of structure, due to friction, to such an extent at times as to destroy the entire crowns.


Gold caps or partial crowns, either in the form of ferrules or contour fillings, or fillings of other metals, will often arrest the process of abrasion, and render much worn teeth useful organs. Also the insertion of artificial posterior teeth will often prevent natural front teeth from being abraded by unnatural use.

Hypertrophy of the Alveolar Processes

Hypertrophy of the Alveolar Processes is indicated by an osseous deposit, either at the apex of the alveolar cavity, in which case the affected tooth is protruded from its cavity, or by a deposit of osseous matter on the wall of the alveolar cavity, in which case the tooth is forced to one side.


When the osseous deposit is in the bottom of the alveolar cavity, the length of the tooth may be reduced from time to time until a certain degree is reached, when the loss of the tooth is inevitable. When the deposit is upon the side of the cavity, the effect is irregularity or malposition, for which there is often no remedy but the removal of the deviating tooth.