3C2H402, or conveniently written Hc2 H302. Derivation. - Purified Pyroligneous Acid. Prepared from wood by destructive distillation; contains 28 per cent. of anhydrous acetic acid. Specific gravity, 1.047. 13

Dilute Acetic Acid - Acidum Aceticum Dilutum, the only form in which it is employed internally, is prepared by mixing one pint of acetic acid with seven pints of distilled water. Specific gravity, 1.006.

Medical Properties And Action

Refrigerant, diaphoretic, astringent, diuretic, stimulant, tonic. It allays restlessness by allaying thirst, and acts upon the skin and kidneys; also acts as an antiscorbutic. The strong acid applied to the skin causes intense redness and pain, followed by rapid vesication.


Of acetic acid, gtt. iij to x. Of dilute acetic acid, Dose 366 to ij.

Therapeutic Uses

Fevers, night sweats, diarrhoea, scurvy, hemorrhage of the lungs, stomach and nose. Externally the strong acetic acid is applied in tinea capitas, psoriasis, cancer, corns and warts; the dilute form is applied externally to gangrene, ulcerated throat, in the form of gargle, ulcers, sprains and bruises. Owing to its volatility and pungency, its vapor, when applied to the nostrils, acts as an excitant in syncope, headache, etc.

Dental Uses

Acetic acid is externally employed in indolent ulcers of the mouth, cancrum oris and scurvy, both locally and internally. It is also applied to fungous growths of gums and dental pulps, the stronger acid being used. In the form of a gargle it is used for inflamed conditions of the mouth and fauces. In the form of glacial acetic acid - Acidum Aceticum Glaciale (concentrated acetic acid), it is applied externally as a caustic in fungous growths of gum, dental pulp, etc. In cancerous ulcerations of mucous membrane, it relieves pain and promotes a healthier condition.

Dental Formula

For Indolent Ulcers of the Mouth, Cancrum Oris, Scurvy.

Acidi acetici......


Fiat solution. Signa. - Apply with a camel's-hair brush.

Dental Formula 367Dental Formula 368

For Inflamed Fauces.

Acidi acetici.....

Ammonii cliloridi . . . Mellis .... . .


Fiat gargarysma.

Dental Formula 369Dental Formula 370