Colchicum root - Colchici radix; Colchicum seed - Colchici semen, the bulb and seed of the Colchicum Autumnali. Colchicum contains tannic and gallic acids and an alkaloid known as colchicine, which is the active principle; colchicum also contains starch, sugar and gum. It has a bitter taste, and imparts its medicinal virtues to water, alcohol, ether; wine and vinegar extract all its properties.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Colchicum, in the forms of fluid extract, wine and tincture, increases the mucous and glandular secretions of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and skin, and causes an increased flow of saliva, and also of urine. A large dose may produce heat in the epigastrium, nausea, vomiting, depression of the circulation, muscular feebleness and pain in the head, large watery stools and an increased secretion of biliary matters. In poisonous doses it produces all the symptoms of an irritant poison, such as acute pain in abdomen, profuse watery and mucous discharges, suppression of urine, cold extremities and feeble pulse; also muscular cramps, in some cases. Colchicum is principally employed in gout, when a quantity sufficient to shorten the duration of an acute attack and reduce the swelling by an increased secretion from the skin, intestines and kidneys, is only required. It is often combined with an alkali, such as aromatic spirits of ammonia, bicarbonate of potassium, or carbonate of magnesia, to increase its effect. The active principle, colchicine, is generally more efficacious than the crude colchicum. It is very serviceable in rheumatic gout when combined with alkalies, and also in all affections dependent upon a gouty diathesis, such as constipation, congestion of the liver, and headache from torpor of the portal circulation. It is now rarely used in acute rheumatism, but in chronic rheumatism it often proves serviceable. Its use is indicated in plethora, constipation and deficient action of the liver, kidneys and skin.


Of the fluid of colchicum root - Extractum Colchici

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