Krameria is obtained from the root of the shrub krameria triandra, of the natural order Polygaleae, native of Peru. It is in the form of cylindrical pieces, of the thickness of a quill, with many branches of a light red color within and crossed by a reddish-brown bark. The root is without odor, and of an astringent and somewhat bitter-sweetish taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Krameria is a powerful astringent, its medicinal property being due to tannic acid, of which it contains about forty per cent. There is also present an odorous principle, wax gum, and a peculiar acid known as krameric acid. When chewed it imparts a red tinge to the saliva. It imparts its properties very readily to alcohol, but less so to both cold and boiling water.

Therapeutic Uses

Krameria is employed internally for its astringent and a slightly tonic effect in the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, passive hemorrhages, menorrhagia, leucorrhoea, etc. Externally, in the form of powder, tincture and infusion, in the treatment of ozaena, ophthalmia, etc., and as an enema in hemorrhoids, fissures of the anus, sore nipples, leucorrhoea, etc., etc.


Of powdered krameria, gr. xx to gr. xxx; of the extract - extractum krameriae, the dose is gr. v to gr. x ; of the infusion - infusum krameriae - (krameriae Dose 1149 ; water, Oj), the dose is to ; of the tincture - tinctura krameriae - (krameriae, ; diluted alcohol, Oij), the dose is to

Of the fluid extract - extractum krameria fluidum, the dose is Dose 1155 to ; of the syrup - syrupus krameriae, the dose is to

Dental Uses

Krameria is a valuable astringent in dental practice, being employed in the form of the tincture, in ulcerated and spongy gums; in the form of the infusion, as a gargle in inflammation of the gums and mucous membrane; in the form of the powder and also tincture, in spongy and bleeding gums, as an astringent ; and also in the form of the powder as an ingredient of dentifrices, for its astringent property.

Dental Formulae

Astringent and Stimulant Mouth Wash. Tinct. krameriae, Boro-glyceride, Eau de cologne . . aa Spts. vini. recti . ad. Signa. - A teaspoonful to be added to a little water.

Dental Formulae 1159Dental Formulae 1160

For Inflamed Gums and Mucous Membrane.

Thomas. Pulv. krameriae, Pulv. cinnamomi . aa Aquae bullientis . . . Macerate for 2 hours, strain, and add sacchari 3 ij. Signa. - To be used as a gargle.

Dental Formulae 1161Dental Formulae 1162

For Gingivitis.

Dr. Sabatir.

Tinct. krameriae . . .

Tinct. opii.....

Tinct. myrrhae ....

Aquae camph......


Use as a mouth wash.

Signa 1163Signa 1164

Stypic for Bleeding Gums. .


Tincturae krameriae . . Chloroformi .... gr.6o Acidi tannici ....

Aquae destillatas . .

Signa 1165Signa 1166Signa 1167