Matico - maticae folia - are the dried leaves of the shrub artanthe elongata, of the natural order Piperaceae - pepper order, and is a native of Peru. They are from two to eight inches long by an inch in breadth, strongly reticulated, and of a bright green on the upper surface and lighter in color beneath when fresh, with an agreeable aromatic odor and a strong astringent taste. They contain a trace of tannic acid, a peculiar acid, artanthic, a volatile oil, resin, and a very bitter principle - maticin.

Medical Properties And Action

Matico is an aromatic tonic, an alterative stimulant, an internal hemostatic and local styptic. It has a special determination to the mucous membranes, and although as an internal remedy its astringent properties are not so well marked, it acts externally as a reliable hemostatic and styptic. The powder made from the underside of the leaf is more powerfully styptic than that from the upper side.

Therapeutic Uses

Matico in the form of powder, infusion and fluid extract, is employed in internal hemorrhages, epistaxis, atonic diarrhoea and diseases of the urinary passages, etc.; exter-nallv as a hemostatic in superficial hemorrhages, and also in leucorrhoea, in the form of an injection.


Of powdered matico, Dose 1199 to three times a day ; of the infusion the dose is ; of the fluid extract the dose is to

Dental Uses

The powder and tincture are valuable styptics in hemorrhage following the extraction of teeth, hemorrhage from leech bites and superficial wounds of mucous membrane.