Necrosis of the Jaw is indicated by inflammation like that of periodontitis in the early stage, but differing as the disease progresses; gum over affected part thickened, tumid and of a red color; pus oozing from the edge of gum, which soon separates from the alveolus, the margins of which become exposed; loosening and loss of the teeth; the detachment of the dead alveoli from the living bone, and remaining loose in the substance of the thickened gum which becomes dark in color, surrounded by pus; the escape of the pus into the mouth, or pointing below the chin, or beneath the fascia of the neck, as low, at times, as the clavicle.


Remove the dead portions from the living bone. Syringe with peroxide of hydrogen, or caustic pyrozone, to cleanse the part, and use chlorinated washes, such as chloride of soda or permanganate of potash, to correct the offensive odor and disagreeable taste. Make daily applications of dilute aromatic sulphuric acid, adding to the acid a few drops of the tincture of capsicum for its stimulating effect; diluted carbolic acid, tincture of iodine and chloride of zinc, sulphate of copper, listerine and ethereal solution of iodoform, aristol, etc., are also used as applications. Support the strength by stimulants, tonics and nourishing diet. For a dead bone solvent, wash out the sinus with peroxide of hydrogen, and inject into it the following, twice a day, so that it will come in contact with the dead bone: Pure scale pepsin, Treatment 344 ; nitro-muriatic acid, ; distilled water, Oj. (See Necrosis and Caries of Bone.)