The Oil of Sweet Almonds is obtained by first depriving the almonds of the brown powder adhering to their surface, and rubbing them together in a piece of coarse linen, then grinding in a mill or mortar, and then submitting them to pressure in canvas sacks between slightly heated plates of iron. The oil, which is at first turbid, is clarified by rest and filtration. It is clear, colorless, or of a slight greenish-yellow tinge, nearly inodorous, with a bland, sweetish taste. It will remain liquid at temperatures below the freezing point of water.

Medical Properties And Action

The oil of sweet almonds is demulcent.

Therapeutic Uses

It is employed as an emulsion in pulmonary affections with cough, and as a vehicle for other medicines.

Dental Uses

The oil of sweet almonds forms a pleasant and soothing application for excoriations of the lips and inflamed mucous membranes; also for soothing application to the small, simple, but painful ulcers which sometimes appear upon the gums, mucous membrane of the cheeks, and the tongue. Almond mixture - Mistura Amygdala - is made by dissolving a mixture of half an ounce of blanched sweet almonds, 30 grains of gum Arabic and 120 grains of sugar, in half a pint of distilled water. It forms a pleasant demulcent.