Sozoiodol contains more than 50 per cent. of iodine, and is antiseptic and disinfectant, and is a much better prepared combination than that first prepared under this name. It is employed in the form of a five per cent. watery solution, in powder, and also in a form known as zinc-sozoiodol in the strength of a two per cent. solution.

Therapeutic Uses

Sozoiodol is valuable as an antiseptic and disinfectant in the treatment of unhealthy wounds, pharyngeal catarrh, acute purulent conjunctivitis, and other diseases of the eyes. The powder has been successfully used in catarrh of the cervix uteri, and the zinc-sozoiodol in urethritis, and vaginitis; also in eczema and impetigo.

Dental Uses

Sozoiodol is employed with advantage in the acute forms of stomatitis, and other conditions of the oral mucous membrane, also in unhealthy or contaminated wounds of the mouth in the forms of a watery solution or powder.