Veratrine is an alkaloid, or a mixture of alkaloids, obtained from the seeds of Asagraea officinalis, of the natural order Melanthaceae. It is in the form of a white, or grayish-white amorphous powder, of an acrid taste, imparting a sensation of tingling and numbness to the tongue, and causing constriction of the fauces and violent sneezing. It is but slightly soluble in cold or hot water, to which it imparts an acrid taste and a somewhat alkaline reaction.

It is soluble in three parts of alcohol at 590 F., and very soluble in boiling alcohol ; also soluble in 6 parts of ether, in 2 parts of chloroform, and in 96 parts of glycerin; it melts when heated.

Veratrine Ointment - Unguentutn Veratrines - is composed of veratrine, 4 parts ; alcohol, 6 parts ; benzoinated lard, 96 parts. The veratrine is rubbed with the alcohol in a warm mortar until dissolved, and the benzoinated lard gradually added and thoroughly mixed.

Therapeutic Uses

Veratrine is only used externally in neuralgia, myalgia, headache, rheumatism, paralysis, etc., in the form of the ointment, or dissolved in alcohol.

Dental Uses

Veratrine, in the form of the ointment, is used for facial and other forms of neuralgia, a small quantity being rubbed over the seat of pain. It is also used as an obtundent of sensitive dentine.

Dental Formulae

For Sensitive Dentine. Dr. Bogue. iv

Acidum tannicum . . gr.j



Acidi carbolici .... Signa. - Dry the tooth thoroughly and apply to sensitive surface.

Dental Formulae 1478Dental Formulae 1479

For Facial Neuralgia.

Dr. Garretson.

Olei tiglii......gtt.ij

Olei olivae.....


Rub over affected part thrice daily.

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