By mixing a solution of any soluble salt of cerium (e.g., the chloride) with solution of oxalate of ammonia - the oxalate of cerium precipitates.

Characters And Tests

A white granular powder, which when heated to redness gives a reddish-brown residue of impure oxide, soluble in boiling hydrochloric acid without effervescence. This solution gives, with sulphate of potash, a white double sulphate of potassium and cerium: the oxalate itself is insoluble in water. The soluble salts, such as the chloride and nitrate, have a sweet astringent taste: with alkalies and their carbonates they give yellowish-white precipitates.

Physiological Action (Internal)

There is some clinical evidence in favor of attributing to cerium a sedative action upon the gastric mucous membrane and upon the nervous system, and especially on reflex excitability, but I am not aware of any physiological research as to the properties of this drug.


Bismuth, silver, and cyanides.

Therapeutical Action (Internal)