Besides the local application of lime-water and lime chlorides to cancerous sores, a power has been claimed for these remedies taken internally to diminish malignant growths; thus, a curious case, in which an extensive mammary cancer separated and fell off after a prolonged use of lime carbonate, is recorded by Dr. Peter Hood (Lancet, ii., 1867, p. 454); the patient was advanced in years, and for a long time took the carbonate, as prepared from the inner side of oyster shells, 10 to 20 gr. twice daily. Another case, cured under the same remedy, is also mentioned.

(If the taking of lime salts have any power in inducing the cretifica-tion of tubercle - and there is some clinical evidence to that effect - and if they can diminish the blood-supply of a fibroid tumor and hasten cretaceous degeneration of it, as suggested by Mr. Spencer Wells, then it is not unreasonable to expect advantage from them in some cases of cancerous degeneration, but I am not aware of other evidence in this direction.)