Strong stimulating and astringent lotions are sometimes of service in these conditions, especially after the carious bone has been removed or the fistula divided. The "liquor Villati" has been much used abroad in such cases without previous operation. It is made with 1/2 oz. of sulphate of copper and of zinc, and 1 oz. of lead sub-acetate, dissolved in 7 oz. of vinegar; M. Notta and M. Nelaton have used this with advantage, but it is painful, and should not be injected more than two or three times in a week (Union Medicale, 1866).

Therapeutical Action (Internal)

In small doses the salts of copper exert a tonic influence upon the nervous system, and an astringent effect on mucous membranes, while doses of 1 gr. and upward are emetic. The salts in question clearly resemble in action those of zinc, but are somewhat more irritant.