M. Lailler, in a large experience at the Hopital Lourcine, found iodoform a most useful dressing for all forms of venereal ulceration (cf. Lancet, ii., 1878). Mr. Berkeley Hill adopts it as an almost invariable treatment of "specific sores;" also Profeta, Sheen, and others (Medical Times, i., 1875; Practitioner, i., 1879), and Dr. W. Cottle has observed chancres heal more rapidly under this remedy than under many others (British Medical Journal, i., 1878).

If secretion is abundant, the sore should be cleansed and dressed twice daily with the finely powdered crystals, or an ointment containing iodoform. Smarting may be caused at first, but this and the pain of the disorder soon subside, and healing often takes place in a week or ten days. The unpleasant odor of iodoform is, however, a drawback to its use, and its results are not always so satisfactory as described above.