In the few cases where a chancre can be, with advantage, destroyed in an early stage, bromine is one of the most efficient agents for the purpose.

Dr. Wynn Williams and others have reported very satisfactory results from the use of local bromine injections into the substance of epithelial cancer affecting the cervix uteri (Medical Times, ii., 1866, p. 488, and ii., 1870, p. 255). Dr. Williams uses a solution of 12 min. in 1 dr. of rectified spirit, injecting it through a speculum by means of a long glass syringe having a platinum point (the nostrils of the operator should be plugged with cotton-wool). There can be no question of the good results obtained by Dr. Williams, but, as he restricted his method to cases "in which the uterus was not fixed," some doubts were thrown on the diagnosis of cancer by Dr. Playfair and others.