This obstinate disorder may be often relieved by the use of a weak alum-injection - 10 gr. in the pint: the bladder should be first washed out with warm water, so as to avoid the clotting of discharge.

I have known vesical pain and frequency of micturition quickly relieved by such injections, which have been followed also, in several instances, by marked diminution of the thick, gelatinous, ropy mucus commonly secreted in this malady: the alkaline reaction and acrid am-moniacal odor of urine have been removed at the same time. The last-named conditions may be dependent sometimes on the introduction of low organisms by a soiled catheter (Traube, Niemeyer), but even in such cases, alum-injections are equally useful by their antiseptic properties. Blockley and Parkington specially recommended the single sulphate for vesical and vaginal catarrh.