The sulphate of potash acts as a mild aperient, and is suitable for cases of dyspepsia with deficient biliary secretion, or hemorrhoids; it is often combined with rhubarb, especially for children (West, Hillier). Dr. Dickinson recommends it in doses of 10 to 20 gr. as a good laxative in albuminuria (Lancet, i., 1876, p. 628); in larger doses it is apt to cause griping. The acid tartrate is also used as an aperient, especially in cases of hemorrhoids and of dropsy, since it produces a copious watery secretion into the intestinal canal, but it should be combined with some more active agent to secure efficient expulsive effect; thus it is ordered with sulphur in the confectio sulphuris, and with jalap in the pulvis ja-lapae compositus.