Dr. Bartholow is also one of the most decided of modern writers in recommending small doses (1/20 gr.) of the double chloride for "nervous dyspepsia," as "indicated by a red glazed tongue, epigastric pain, increased after food, and tendency to relaxation of the bowels: also in duodenal and biliary catarrh, and jaundice." Vertigo and vertiginous sensations, connected with stomach disorder, are often relieved by small doses of gold chlorides, but plethora and increased intracranial blood-pressure contra-indicate their use. On the other hand, they do good in cerebral anaemia, so that they may be prescribed when bromides would not be suitable. Melancholia and hypochondriasis with depression are often connected with gastric disorder and with cerebral anaemia, and are susceptible, to some extent, of relief by the same remedy.