This severe form of oedema is sometimes quite controlled by strong silver-solutions, which may obviate the necessity for scarification or more serious procedures. In chronic laryngeal and faucial congestion, a curved brush carrying a solution of 20 to 30 gr. to the ounce may be applied with the help of a mirror to the exact part affected, and with very good result. Dr. Horace Green and Dr. Hughes Bennett were early advocates of this method of treatment. Many surgeons, however, now prefer solutions of copper, zinc, or iron, as causing less irritation, and less risk of after-contraction, than the silver salt. A weak spray is of very little service in these conditions, and the use of the brush has largely superseded the method of insufflation which was approved by Trousseau. He used 3 gr. of the nitrate mixed in fine powder with 60 gr. of sugar of milk, and this was blown into the patient's mouth during a deep inspiration, by which some of it was carried into the larynx.