It is probable that of the older cases called epilepsy, and reported as cured by copper, a large proportion were hysterical, but Voisin reports from the practice of Herpin (Geneva) several illustrations of its power to cure chronic and obstinate cases of true epilepsy. He generally used the ammonio-sulphate alone, or alternately with zinc, for many months; the cure continued permanent some years afterward (Bulletin de Therapeutique, i., 1870). Halford made great use of copper combined with quinine in this malady (Medical Times, i., 1858), but general experience is not in its favor. Charcot has published a case carefully treated for three months with full doses of the ammonio-sulphate, but the convulsive attacks were rather increased during its use (British Medical Journal, i., 1875). I have given the sulphate and the acetate in varying doses and for long periods in many cases, but have not seen benefit from them in true epilepsy, although for epileptiform attacks dependent upon intestinal worms, they have several times proved useful.