Many cosmetic waters owe their efficacy to a minute proportion of sublimate, or to an albuminate of mercury. M. Hardy's formula for the treatment of freckles contains lead acetate and zinc sulphate of each 40 gr., sublimate 8 gr., with alcohol 2 oz., and distilled water 4 oz.; it acts by slightly irritating the epidermis, so that this exfoliates quickly. For a more decided effect Hebra uses a stronger solution (about 4 gr. to 1 oz.), applying it for four hours till the skin grows red, or even is blistered, and then under soothing applications it peels off, leaving a new surface. For ordinary erythema of the face, a lotion containing 1 to 2 gr. in 4 oz. of almond mixture, with or without bismuth or zinc oxide, and spirits of wine, is very useful.