Milk is secreted in increased quantity under the influence of salt. This fact, indicated by Saive, but denied by Boussin-gault, has been confirmed recently (Rabuteau). In Brazil and some other countries there is a popular custom of watering the food of milch cows with salt water to increase their milk.


The chemical action of the alkaline salts of soda is shared by other alkalies, the physiological action of the chloride of sodium by other chlorides, both as stimulant of haematosis and as irritant in large doses; as digestive stimulant, other condiments assist its power.

Antagonists - Incompatibles

Acids antagonize the chemical effects of alkaline salts of soda, though the vegetable acids are often added to them to secure liberation of carbonic acid gas and formation of neutral salts. Mucilaginous substances lessen the local irritant effects of excessive doses of chloride, nitrate, etc., and the chloride itself is a suitable antidote for nitrate of silver. Prussic acid and cyanides, perhaps also arsenic and antimony, antagonize the haematinic effects of chloride of sodium.

Therapeutical Action (External)