Perchloride is often useful in hemorrhage from the bowel, and I have known it answer well. Several cases, somewhat obscure in character, but recovering under perchloride, are given in Bulletin de Therapeutique, 1877. The ordinary cause of such hemorrhage would be either cirrhosis of the liver or ulceration, and I do not think iron suitable for the former condition, but in the latter it is more indicated, since we know that it relieves hemorrhage from gastric ulcer. In the diarrhoea and hemorrhage of enteric fever, benefit has commonly been derived from its use. Dr. Russell Reynolds has used the perchloride (Medical Times, i., 1867, p. 32), and Dr. Broadbent the sulphate in enteric fever (British Medical Journal, ii., 1869), but I have not met with any published conclusions as to the value of these remedies. "Iron alum" I should myself prefer as a styptic in such cases.