Since the publication of the cases of M. Gendrin and Dr. H. Bennett in 1846, the acid has had more or less reputation as an antidote and prophylactic in poisoning by lead; but modern observation does not quite corroborate their estimate of it. Tanquerel especially failed to obtain any good results ("Maladies de Plomb," ii., p. 497); on the contrary, the use of an acid lemonade seemed to make the workmen rather more liable to colic.

Preparations And Dose

Acidum sulphuricum - Oil of vitriol: is not used internally except in the following: - Acidum sulphuricum aro-maticum: dose, 5 to 30 min. freely diluted. Acidum sulphuricum dilu-tum: dose, 5 to 30 min. freely diluted. An alkaline mouth-wash should be used after taking the acid, or a little butter placed on the teeth before.


The usual impurities of this acid are salts, nitrous oxides, arsenic, and lead.