I have treated several severe cases of this condition by iodine injections; for instance: 1. G. H., aged thirty-seven, had in youth two attacks of rheumatic fever with endocarditis of aortic valves; when otherwise robust, a third attack came on in August, 1876. In November, when I first saw him, there was extensive pericardial effusion, with visible bulging and fluctuation; cardiac dulness extended beyond the right of the lower sternum, and upward as high as the second rib; the heart-sounds were feeble and indistinct, and the respiration impeded; there was a short, dry cough, and extreme orthopnoea, so that life was in imminent danger. I drew out 3 oz. of fluid, and injected 10 min. of iodine tincture; relief was experienced, and I repeated the operation in forty-eight hours. After this the man gradually recovered, though eight months afterward he died suddenly from his aortic disease. 2. In another man, aged twenty-three, also suffering from extensive pericardial effusion, with intense dyspnoea and other urgent symptoms, 2 to 3 oz. of fluid were drawn off by aspiration (with much relief), and 10 min. of iodine tincture injected. Thirty hours afterward, 10 min. more were injected; no symptoms of iodism appeared, and the patient made a good recovery. In both cases, 4 to 6 gr. of iodide of potassium were taken in bark thrice daily, before and after the operation.