Nitric acid has been found by some observers valuable in relieving the spasmodic recurrent attacks of cough, and lessening profuse expectoration; and it may certainly be credited with tonic bracing action on the faucial and laryngeal membranes. Arnoldi, who introduced this mode of treatment, ordered as much acid as would render a tumblerful of sugared water "like lemon juice," to be taken every three or four hours. Dr. Gibb, who reported the best results, gave as much as 10 min. to infants, and 40 min. to children of ten years; and some other practitioners have used this medicine with success, as Ussher (Medical Times, i., 1862), and Berry - in an epidemic at Lancaster - who found it effective, safe, and cheap (Medical Times, i., 1873). I have been reluctant to press it for fear of injuring teeth, and when I have used it as freely as could be borne, I have not seen definite benefit.

Preparations And Dose

Acidum nitricum - Aqua fortis: dose 1 to 3 min. freely diluted. Acidum nitricum dilutum: dose, 10 to 30 min. freely diluted.

[Preparations, U.S.P. - Acidum nitricum, sp. gr. 1.420, Acidum nitricum dilutum: nitric acid 3 troyounces, water sufficient to make 1 pint.]


Chiefly sulphuric and hydrochloric acids.